About 360 Solar Power Solutions - Community Solar

360 Solar Power Solutions is a team dedicated to a variety of solar power, wind and renewable energy solutions that empower and help consumers make educated choices for alternatives that replace the uses of fossil fuel as their major energy source. Whether you’re interested in rooftop, community solar, wind or simply green energy utility plans let 360 Solar Power Solutions help make your choices simple and easy!

We are a sales, marketing, and customer management company focused on utilities, solar and wind developers, and retail energy companies across the nation. We provide comprehensive solutions for our clients that deliver exceptional results for sales acquisition and customer experience retention.

Our clients range from startups to Fortune 500 companies and we provide each with customized services to meet their specific sales, marketing, or customer management needs. This is accomplished by leveraging our highly experienced and dedicated team of strategic and tactical thought leaders who work in a completely transparent partnership with every client using our 360-data driven approach, sales strategy, educational marketing and sales enablement technologies.

“Discover new value in a smarter energy market with community solar”

How Community Solar Works

360 Solar Power Solutions Community Solar

Benefits of Community Solar

  • No upfront Cost
  • Anyone can participate and you don’t have to own your home
  • No rooftop required and no troublesome Installation Charges
  • Subscribers often experience saving off their utility bills reducing their monthly expenses
  • Environmentally friendly and no damaging CO2 emissions like fusel fuel energy produces
  • Solar gardens 100% locally generated serving your community
  • Easy and simple to subscribe for services

360 Solar Power Solutions Specialty Services

  • Acquisition services for Residential and Commercial subscriptions
  • IT and CRM platform and billing management solutions
  • Lifetime customer service subscription management
  • Monthly QA/QC management of customer portfolio

Customer Experience

  • 360 Solar Power Solutions can manage the entire customer life-cycle and provide your customers with a compelling engagement experience over the life of the customers PPA
  • We engage the customers through various channels including phone, email, mail, web, live chat, self-service web portal and mobile application ensuring the receive the service they deserve and expect