Creating a go-to-market strategy based on your business and brand strategy.

360 Managed Services is committed to delivering exceptional performance and results that are measured through quantifiable ROI. We work with you as true partners in an open and highly collaborative manner to define unified goals and merge strategy along with tactical execution using our 360-data driven approach to deliver actual quantifiable results versus “good intent”.

Our team will partner with you to define the What, Who, and How for delivering measurable results and ROI using our proprietary sales and customer service enablement technologies and then identify the most effective sales channels for your needs. Together we will create and implement a roll-out plan by deploying various channels with the appropriate teams and continuously measure ROI to optimize channel usage.

Based on the go-to-market strategy we will deploy various sales channels:



  • Full time employees
  • Continual CBC & Drug screening
  • Robust field training
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Geo-fence Management
  • Real-time sales quality control


  • Large Retailers
  • Establish operating policies in the retail stores

Indirect Channels

  • Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs)
  • Experience in establishing indirect distribution channels

Digital / Web Sales

  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-per-click Advertising (PPC)
  • Display Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing


  • Inbound & Outbound
  • Robust trained agents
  • Shadow calling training
  • Data mining & analytics
  • Real-time sales quality control
  • Produce high CLV customers

Live Events

  • Trade & Promotional Events
  • Fun events & Sporting events
  • Consumer engaging applications
  • Live action, animated content for mixed reality
  • Data capture & Social media sharing